Ed Powley

I am an Associate Professor in the Games Academy at Falmouth University.

I work in the MetaMakers Institute and the Digital Creativity Labs, researching computational creativity and artificial intelligence for games.

I teach on BSc Computing for Games and MSc Artificial Intelligence for Games, as well as contributing to Falmouth's other games courses. Currently I lead modules on Principles of Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Legacy Game Systems, and Research Practice.

From 2010 to 2013 I was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Computer Science and the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis at the University of York. My research was on artificial intelligence for games, specifically Monte Carlo Tree Search for games with uncertainty and hidden information. I worked with Peter Cowling and Daniel Whitehouse on the EPSRC-funded "UCT for Games and Beyond" project.

I am also a coder, creative technologist and musician.




My Google Scholar profile. My ResearchGate profile.

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    Icons from the Noun Project: VR Headset by Khuzema - Tree by Joni Ramadhan - Hang Glider by sandra - Teacher by IconfactoryTeam - creativity by Chanut is Industries - Question by Jessica Lock


    The following is a partial list of software I have developed as part of my academic research and/or teaching. A more complete list of my software projects is available here.